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Connections matters
Standard consortium agent & Supporter
Valuable Standard consortium activities may need 1 to 2 years of dedicated and specialized effort based on each standard’s specific situation.

When you need resources for those consortiums activities, full time employees are sometimes not an efficient way to support your companies needs and finding the appropriate skilled resource who has the critical prior experiences and personal connections in the standards organizations is never easy.

ICTCompliance has many years of standards follow-up experience and personal relationships developed with key leaders and global organizations including OCF, oneM2M, IIC, USB, DisplayPort, A4WP, WPC etc.

And now ICTCompliance would like to be your partner agent following your work at consortiums as a professional representative of your company.
Connections matters
If you need to acquire a standard’s official test authority, ICTCompliance communicates with the appropriate consortiums and gives you the best support to get the official test and certificate granting authority promptly.